UGM and PT PLN Establish Cooperation

Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Ir. Tumiran, M.Eng., Ph.D., and Director of Human Resources and General Affairs of PT PLN (State-Owned Electricity Company), Ir. Eddy D. Erningpraja, M.T., agreed to cooperate on  Scholarship Program. Along with that, MoU signing between UGM Vocational School and PT PLN on recruitment of PT PLN Persero staff through Diploma 3 Educational Program was also conducted. The signing was carried out by Caretaker Director of UGM Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Ir. Fatchan Nurrochmad, M.Agr., and Ir. Eddy D. Erningpraja, M.T., and witnessed by UGM Rector, Prof. Ir. Sudjarwadi, M.Eng., Ph.D.

Eddy D. Erningpraja said that the cooperation was made due to the increased need for professional human resources from year to year. This year alone PT PLN needs 2,600 new employees. This number will certainly increase in the future. “It should be admitted that 50% of PLN’s employees are mostly over 46 years old,” he said at UGM Leadership Room, Wednesday (3/2).

Eddy said that in 2016, Indonesia will need 60,000 megawatts of electricity. Today, they can produce up to 27,000 MW with as much as 22,000 that is used. It indicates that electrical business will always increase. “Therefore, we do need cooperation with everyone, Electrical Department, Engineering Department, etc,” he added.

Responding to that matter, the Rector said that the cooperation with PT PLN is already a tradition, especially with Faculty of Engineering with regard to agreement of electrical transmission policy in Indonesia. Therefore, UGM has equipped its students with skills, attitude, and values before they work in the necessary fields. “In the end, they are expected to create prosperity, happiness and civilization in society,” the Rector said.

The signing of cooperation was followed by a general lecture for UGM’s students at Grha Sabha Pramana. Again, Eddy D. Erningpraja reminded about the increase in Indonesia’s electrical need. The actual condition in Indonesia is that only 65% areas have electricity with the highest ratio being in Java.

To gain electricity sufficiency of 60,000 MW in the year 2016,  power plants generating 10,000 MW will immediately be built in Java and Sumatera. These will be followed with solar power electricity investment in Sulawesi.

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